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Sustainable solutions that contribute to the success of your tertiary projects

Cost-effective and ecological solutions that enhance the value of your customers' spaces. They deliver exceptional comfort to create perfect indoor environments and optimise working conditions to the extent of protecting the health of employees. That's CIAT's expertise.





Optimal solutions adapted to the purposes of your buildings.

We have the right solutions to meet your requirements in terms of indoor air quality, comfort and energy optimisation, from classrooms to clean rooms, government offices to courthouses.



shopping centres
Shopping centres

Optimised system solutions for the heating, cooling and air handling of all commercial buildings.

For the purchasing comfort of your customers and the energy optimisation of your buildings, CIAT offers a wide range of system solutions that effectively meet the specific needs of retail areas.





Solutions for your customers’ comfort and the energy optimisation of your hotel.

From budget to luxury hotels, CIAT’s solutions offer comfort equipment adapted to all types of guest room. Use them to optimise your energy costs linked to the production of domestic hot water, heating, summer comfort and air quality.





Solutions that keep pace with hospital requirements

CIAT possesses unique expertise and experience to meet the needs and requirements of hospital environments. Our patented innovations and selection of water-circuit systems guarantee hygienic, comfortable and sustainably economic environments.

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Unique solutions at the heart of all processes

CIAT extends its know-how to sectors of industry. From integrated equipment to the design of thermal engineering processes, you can be sure to receive expert guidance.

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individual housing

Individual housing


Solutions which free home owners from expensive fuel

For renovation projects, CIAT offers simplicity, savings and comfort thanks to its new generation of high temperature heat pumps which replace boilers without requiring complicated alteration work. For new housing, reversible air source and ground-source solutions anticipate future thermal regulations and add value to your customers' property.

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