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Welcome to our Universal Performance section

CIAT's blend of unique expertise in heat exchange, air conditioning and thermodynamic cycles makes us your indispensable supplier of specialised equipment for comprehensive solutions which help manage the heating and cooling needs in all sectors of industry.

The main objective of CIAT Industries is to increase the energy efficiency of all its industrial customers by sharing with them its vision of Universal Performance.

We help our clients in the industrial sector to heat and cool the liquids and gases they use in their production processes to the desired temperatures.

At the heart of their production facilities, we also help them to carry out preparation, conversion or phase-change operations on their process fluids to the desired temperatures.

We also contribute to the comfort of employees and guarantee the preservation of goods by ensuring that the temperatures in offices, industrial facilities, computer rooms and storage areas remain at the required level.

More than ever before, our products, systems and solutions play a decisive role in optimising the processes of our industrial customers. They also allow them to better manage the heat flow in their buildings.

We know that saving energy is the fastest way to overcome constraints related to streamlining energy needs. Our innovations in heat exchanger technology, our new high energy-efficiency thermodynamic machines and our energy recovery systems make CIAT Industries your best temperature engineer.

Welcome to our Universal Performance section