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Range :

The VECTIOS POWER R-454B range are compact, horizontal and autonomous air to air units, rooftop-type design, with high efficiency (3% higher than the already outstanding efficiency in VECTIOS POWER R-410A) and 80% lower direct CO2 footprint thanks to the use of the new refrigerant R-454B. They are equipped with all the components required for the correct air conditioning to the installation.

  • IPJ series: Units for reversible heat pump operation
  • RPJ series: Units for cooling operation

Operating range :
Cooling capacity from 98 to 273kW
Heating capacity from 97 to 300kW
Débit d'air de 10 800 à 54 000 m3/h

Use :

The unit is connected directly to an air distribution ductwork without additional elements or equipment, pipes, cables, etc. taking up no floor space at all. This design reduces the cost of installation, facilities connections and ensures reliable operation. The range of capacities of these units allows for the air conditioning of large surface areas. A vast number of options meet many operating requirements, such as:
•Recovery of the extracted air energy
•Air renewal
•Zoning with variation of air flow
•Indoor air quality control
•Air filtration
•Auxiliary devices for heating
•Heat recovery coil
•Extension of operating limits
•Available static pressure up to 80 mm.w.c. All of the units are tested and checked in the factory.

Description :

Ecodesign compliant Lot 21 Tier 2 (2021)
4 hermetic scroll-type compressors in tandem design
2 frigorific circuits
Plug-fans (free-wheel) with EC motors
Electronic Expansion Valves
R-454B non-depleting refrigerant & low GWP (-77% lower GWP than R-410A and -31% than R-32).
R-454B refrigerant is classified as A2L
High flexibility with a large number of available options
Optional double skin panel 50mm insulation in the entire indoor section in contact with airflow
Folding hood cover for transport
Aluminum panels and registers
Dual locking system of a high quality

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Exceeds requirements on seasonal efficiency from Ecodesign regulation 2021 (EU 2016/2281) with up to 42% of energy savings and 10% in heating
SEER up to 5,04; SCOP up to 3,53 (3% higher than already outstanding performance of VECTIOS POWER R-410A)
Specific features to reduce energy consumption to the minimum for each application: variable ventilation, free-cooling, low pressure drop filters and energy recovery systems.
Active Recovery and Passive Recovery on the exhaust air energy available in all capacity range
R-454B non-depleting refrigerant with the lowest GWP (-77% lower GWP than R-410A and -31% than R-32).
R-454B refrigerant allows to reduce 80% the direct CO2 footprint
Elimination of wooden pallets for handling


The range guarantees low noise level during operation


Low weight and footprint
Aluminum panels and registers
2 casing constructions: single panel as standard; and optional with double skin panel with 50mm insulation in the entire surface of the indoor section with A2-s1,d0 (M0) fire class
All sizes and airflow configurations can be transported in container (no need of special SEI4C maritime packaging)


One of the longest portfolio of options
Perfect solution to address the most specific requirements for every application
Free-cooling; Energy recovery; Fresh air; Quality sensors; Filtration; Overpressure control; Heating back-up; Humidity control; All season operations; Multi zone control; Heat recovery coil; Low temperature applications; Master/slave and back-up; Energy meters; Refrigerant or smoke detectors; Anti-corrosion options; Supervision; Communication


Wider outside air temperature range, from -15ºC up to 52ºC (cooling-only unit) or 48ºC (reversible heat pump version)

More applications with specific options:
Air zoning to control up to 4 zones; heat recovery coil; low return temperature 15ºC in cooling mode; air flow extension and master/slave or back-up operation management



Plug & play solution fully programmed and set-up from factory
Communication with all building management system protocols through Modbus, Ethernet, LonWorks, BACnet and KNX
Wide supervision offer from 1 to 300 units
Remote supervision solution


Single control for the whole range
Dedicated to enhanced operation at part load conditions for increasing the seasonal efficiencies
Manages staged multi-scroll compressors and EC plug-fans
Improved all-seasons operation and defrosting strategies
Manages new options for the range
Multiple protocols available for BMS integration
Many options for remote management platforms


Robust design and manufacturing process
High quality components
Performance certified by Eurovent (up to 200kW)


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