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FLOWAY® CLASSIC & ACCESS (Culoz factory)

 Compact dual flow air handling units

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Range :

"Access RHE", "Classic RHE", "Classic PHE", "Vertical PHE"

Operating range :
Air flow rates: 300 to 18 000 m3/h

Use :

Floway is a Plug & Play dual-flow air handling unit that draws clean, fresh air indoors with 80% less energy on average than that needed for air conditioning.

Description :

Dual-flow air handling unit equipped as standard with:

  • State-of-the-art, high-efficiency heat recovery unit (efficiency of over 80% at nominal flow rate)
  • High-performance plug fan driven by an electronically commutated motor
  • Plug & Play: factory-wired and programmed standalone unit



> advantages

Floway is a standalone dual-flow air handling unit that is both compact and quiet and comes equipped as standard with high-tech components (EC motor, latest-generation heat recovery unit, built-in control, etc.). Once connected, it delivers high-efficiency heating and cooling (high air and thermal efficiency) and ensures the level of indoor air quality you require.

Floway contains a built-in control unit that runs all the components and features an intelligent design that incorporates Plug & Play technology for easy installation, operation and servicing.


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