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Spare parts


Spare parts Catalogue

Download our spare parts catalog.

A few examples of what we do:

Our wooden packing crates and cases are supplied by Baud and Soflog and are made from wood sourced from sustainably managed local forests. All are located less than 70 km away and more trees are planted than are cut down.


Through agreements with our logistics partners (TNT and Alloin), each day our teams order trucks that adequately sized for the cargo to be delivered. Not only is this good for the environment, but it helps us to keep our transport costs down. All deliveries are now grouped into single daily shipments!
Maintenance, the very essence of what we do, helps to extend the service life of equipment. Our spare parts management methods help to prevent sending entire pieces of HVAC equipment to the scrap heap. As a result, many of the machines that we installed a dozen years ago are still running today!

To order spare parts online, please visit our dedicated website

CIAT spare parts


Training centre

The CIAT training centre has been certified by Bureau Veritas since June 2009 to issue refrigerant handling certificates.
Over 390 certificates have already been issued!

We prepare your staff for obtaining a refrigerant handling certificate.

New regulations have been defined to reduce buildings’ energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Set up at the “Grenelle” environmental summit, these regulations ensure that all air conditioning equipment and systems are inspected every five years, in order to monitor changes in efficiency, check that the installed power remains suitable for the building's thermal needs, and define recommendations on system use and enhancements.

The overall aim is to reduce energy consumption stemming from the use of air conditioning.

To cater for this new regulatory obligation to inspect air conditioning systems and reversible heat pumps, we offer a training course to prepare your staff for certification.

Remote management

CIAT develops intelligent MtoM supervision solutions which allow remote diagnoses to be carried out for the optimised use of your machines and systems.

In addition to the measurable financial savings, remote diagnosis reduces the impact on the environment.

Our products and systems take into account the current issues linked to sustainable development. For both our customers and ourselves, we have chosen to go even further in our environmental approach.

For our customers, this proactive remote assistance is an effective and reliable means for:

  • Keeping maintenance costs of your machines and systems in check,
  • Keeping CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint as low as possible

For us, this remote diagnosis allows us to:

  • Reduce our environmental impact by optimising our call outs,
  • Offer you real time solutions that enable us to reduce our CO2 and carbon emissions.

Because we must act in order to offer you the best technological solutions possible but also so that we may keep the impact of our activities on the environment under control.