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In both renovation and new construction, building projects must not only focus on the quality of their design, they must also take into account future energy needs and offer occupants environmentally-friendly interiors.

The challenge for 2020 is easy to sum up: reduce both our CO2 emissions and energy consumption by 20%, whilst generating at least 20% of our energy from renewable resources... An enormous challenge for all sectors of the economy.


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CIAT, making the fundamentals of the building sector benefit its environmental performance


Remote management

CIAT develops intelligent MtoM supervision solutions which allow remote diagnoses to be carried out for the optimised use of your machines and systems.

In addition to the measurable financial savings, remote diagnosis reduces the impact on the environment.

Our products and systems take into account the current issues linked to sustainable development. For both our customers and ourselves, we have chosen to go even further in our environmental approach.

For our customers, this proactive remote assistance is an effective and reliable means for:

  • Keeping maintenance costs of your machines and systems in check,
  • Keeping CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint as low as possible

For us, this remote diagnosis allows us to:

  • Reduce our environmental impact by optimising our call outs,
  • Offer you real time solutions that enable us to reduce our CO2 and carbon emissions.

Because we must act in order to offer you the best technological solutions possible but also so that we may keep the impact of our activities on the environment under control.

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