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> 04-05-2012

More than 270 CIAT comfort units installed at the new Four Seasons Hotel in Saint Petersburg

A luxurious five-star hotel complex has opened in downtown St. Petersburg, Russia, aiming to accommodate VIP guests, host international summits and meet the growing demand for hotel facilities in the city, which continues to enjoy a boom in tourism. The building, which was originally the palace of Prince Lobanov-Rostovsky and is also known as »The House with the Lions,» was designed in 1817 by Auguste Ricard de Montferrand, who is best known for designing the nearby St. Isaac´s Cathedral. This investment of $135 million is expected to see profits in five to seven years. The hotel will include state-of-the-art meeting and conference facilities, several restaurants and 183 guest rooms and suites covering a total of approximately 19,000 square metres.

273 CIAT fan coil comfort units have been installed in the Palace. They maintain a comfortable temperature for guests by cooling or heating the rooms. There were two key requirements for the equipment: a noise level of not more than 30/35 dB, and very compact fan coils. Four different kinds of CIAT units have been installed: Major Line, Melody, Major 2 and Coadis Slim. Major Line is used for administrative offices, Melody for halls, reception and restaurants, Major 2 and Coadis Slim for the rooms because of their very low noise level and also their ability to adapt to different ceiling heights.

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