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> 15-05-2017

CIAT awarded a trophy for Building and Health Challenges 2017

CIAT has been awarded the Building and Health Challenges 2017 trophy in the category “Innovative technology for the improvement of indoor air quality” for Epure Dynamics®.

Epure Dynamics® measures and manages comfort units, not only in terms of thermal criteria but also but also according to indoor air quality needs. An IAQ sensor connected to the Smart CIATControl is placed in a room or defined area and continuously measures the concentration of PM 2.5 particulate matter in the ambient air. If the concentration exceeds the threshold recommended by the WHO, the Smart CIATControl activates the comfort units in "purification" mode, allowing them to improve IAQ levels thanks to a specific "Epure" filter which has a filtering surface 11 times greater than that of a classic filter.

The jury liked :

-The reliability and stability of the fine particulate sensor developed within the framework of the Vaicteur Air² collaborative research project: no deviation has been noted during two years of service life.
-The control and filtering of the recycled air in accordance with the concentration of PM2.5.
-The very low energy loss and slow air speed thanks to the filter surface.
-The relevance of limiting the exposure of building occupants to fine particles, keeping levels below 10 μg/m3, the threshold recommended by the WHO.

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