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the fundamentals

The core values that constitute CIAT excellence

From the design of products to the elaboration of systems, the CIAT teams invest all their energy into providing solutions that are both sustainable and efficient. Their effectiveness is based on three principles that are paramount to CIAT: comfort, air quality and energy optimisation.

These axes for development have guided our activities for more than 10 years and now allow us to respond effectively to developments in your environmental policy. They also illustrate our commitment to helping you comply with new regulations both in France and in countries throughout the world.

These three areas of expertise will guarantee you high performance equipment and reduced energy consumption. We also strive to reduce the ecological impact of our products throughout their life cycle, from creation to final decommissioning.


CIAT air quality, energy optimisation, comfort


Committed for you, for tomorrow

A pioneer in the development of equipment dedicated to air quality, comfort and energy optimisation, the group devotes 5% of its turnover to research and innovation.

  • Amongst others, CIAT invests in the WWTW project in partnership with EDF, its subsidiary Cristopia and LAT EP. This project aims to make use of industrial discharges between 60 and 140°C. The interest for CIAT and Cristopia lies in having access to heat storage technologies using phase-change materials to round off the Cristopia range developed for cold storage and allowing the deployment of allseason solutions.
  • Following the development of a particulate sensor within the framework of the VAICTEUR AIR2 research project, the group has also been concentrating its activities on the detection of chemical pollution with projects such as VOC-IDS and MIGAS 2. This project, which brings together CIAT and some thirty European partners, involves the development of electro-chemical sensors using acoustic resonance or infra-red absorption. CIAT thus ensures better processing of the information provided by these sensors in its future systems and comfort units.

These advances are reflected by patents such as Optimal Water®, standing testament to the group's progress in terms of innovation, and to the development of ever more efficient products.