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air quality

A major health issue

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is of critical importance in the design of existing and future buildings. This awareness, highlighted by the problems caused by the concentration of fine particles, is  accompanied today by direct consequences for our health.
In response to these problems, some pollutants are the object of current and future regulations:

  • Fine particles (PM 2.5),
  • Chemical compounds (benzene, formaldehyde, naphthalene, etc.),
  • CO2.


 CIAT, pioneer of indoor air quality

Because its activities are not limited to comfort and energy optimisation, CIAT has been committed for many years to the research and development of innovative solutions aimed at improving indoor air quality.


 In 2010, CIAT developed and integrated the Epure function into its comfort units. This combines optimised air diffusion with the efficiency of a filter surface 11 times larger than a traditional filter without consuming any more energy.
Smart CIAT Control Today, CIAT integrates into its Hysys® offer the Smart CIATControl management solution which significantly improves the air quality by monitoring the particle concentration and CO2 level in the building.

 Even more efficient is the Epure Dynamics® solution; combined with Smart CIATControl it creates a comprehensive measuring, logging and dynamic purification system.
This achieves an air quality as close as possible to the recommended threshold for fine particles and CO2.

CIAT then pursued this line of research with the VAICTEUR AIR2 project by co-developing reliable particulate and chemical sensors capable of being incorporated into a system.