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CIAT attaches the utmost importance to the quality of its products. Our commitment to continual improvement is founded on our quest for increased customer satisfaction.

CIAT employs a quality system that is built on the performance and efficiency of its processes. This means that everyone in the company is committed to the pursuit of continuous development.

Every piece of CIAT equipment is inspected at various stages of the manufacturing process. From leak testing and component quality control to its research centre and operating test facilities, the resources CIAT uses reflect the quality we value so highly.

CIAT's customer-focused quality system has been acknowledged and certified for over 10 years by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

All CIAT products subject to the requirements of European directives undergo additional tests so that they can enjoy freedom of movement in the European Economic Area. These products carry the CE marking, additional proof of a product's safety.